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2018 Beneficiary

Kids' Kitchen is a nonprofit organization based in Anchorage, AK dedicated to providing nutritional meals for children at no cost.  With over a million meals served with love since 1996, Kids' Kitchen is starting to see the first children they served grow into young, dynamic adults.  Love works for our community, our nation, and our world.  Please join us in helping Grandpa Elgin of Anchorage, Alaska, in supporting the youth through providing healthy, hot food for kids and making life better by taking care of children who will one day care for us.  It is not charity; it is investment.



Asleep in his Anchorage apartment, Elgin Jones heard a loud voice say, "Feed the children!" Most folks would have rolled over and forgotten all about it by morning, but for Jones, the August 1996 dream was truly a wake-up call. Within 2 weeks, the childless retired newspaper editor had contacted a recreation center in the poorest part of town and started cooking nutritious free meals for children funded out of his own pocket.


"I don't force kids to eat vegetables; I persuade them," says Jones, now 73, who has served up almost 2 million meals so far. "I make tuna casserole with peas so good they forget the peas are in there!"


Visit or call 907-274-8522 to learn more about Kids’ Kitchen!

We’re so proud to be sponsoring this wonderful organization!

Please join us in supporting Kids’ Kitchen this summer.

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